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Content Marketing

Generate more traffic and build brand credibility with your target market

Enhanced Web Presence develops targeted content and content marketing strategies that are relevant to the business and target market; such content includes blog posts, infographics, newsletters, press releases and other variables that will help to inform and attract the right client to the business.?

Content Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing content strategy supports all marketing channels and is essential for any business that wants to grow.

Content Creation

Engage new customers and build trust with your target audience with high quality blogs, landing pages emails and more.?

Content Promotion

Promoting content through social media, PPC and other channels is an essential part of a good content marketing strategy. ?

Social Media

Attract new audiences and drives social media shares on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin with the right content.?

Combining Content Marketing + PR

We know that content marketing goes beyond creating articles to complement our clients brand identity, and that is why we use Public Relations to reach out to their target market in an efficient way. This strategy has brought a lot of positive result to the business of our clients. It has also helped in creating a broader audience and attracting prospective clients to the business.

Our team also creates a cohesive editorial line that shows unity between the key themes and topics to discuss; this is to ensure that the subject of the contents and that of the social media pages of our clients is in cohesion with the public relations area we are looking at.

Content Marketing Services

Offering a full range of content marketing strategies to help your business sell

EWP employs a combination of public relations and content marketing to create and promote digital content to reach more customers. Watch your business grow and reach a broader audience using the right content on the right platforms for your business.?

  • Website Content
  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO + Content Optimization
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing + Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Video Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Downloads, Templates, Worksheets
  • How-To Guides
  • Surveys
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion + Distribution
  • Blogging Strategy

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